I moved October 2018 to Raton, New Mexico from Pueblo, Colorado. I spent 18 days in a motel room waiting for the closing on my house and a total of 40 days without internet service! (I still have slow internet speed!) My house was a big fix-up & took all my money for repairs but I love the topographical beauty of Raton with mountains/hills on three sides! Still cold winters like my entire life in Colorado, but I'm finally in New Mexico ( a dream since high school) and I doubled my studio space! And my new state is a blue state!!! YES! A new woman Governor who's a DEMOCRAT! We have Senator Mark Udall's cousin here and I LOVE living in a BLUE STATE! (never, ever would I move to a red conservative state!) So, I'm painting every night again and loving every minute of the sessions. . . . .I will post my new paintings after I enter our local art gallery's upcoming new show New Mexico Women Artists at the OLD PASS ART GALLERY in Raton.

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