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I have lived alongside the strength and beauty of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN RANGE my entire life (born in Denver). I can now see the southern tip of the range of the Sandia-Manzano Mountains only now the mountain range is to my east, rather than to the west.... a tad warmer in winter, but still northern hemisphere cold winters (my creative psyche was born in the tropics and hates cold weather). I'm very satisfied with my all-night-long painting sessions in my larger studio here in BELEN, NEW MEXICO. . . Albuquerque is an EXCITING and BEAUTIFUL city but TOO BUSY for this recluse . . .so the size of Belen is perfect.

I've been admitting to being an anti-social RECLUSE for 25 to 30 years. . .

I AM INTERESTED IN AN HONEST ART AGENT OR GALLERY . . . replace myself so I may only paint and AVOID the business of art... contrary to todays commercial demands for social networking life...I'm NOT a "social networker" . . .

I am pleased to announce I've been accepted as a new member and joined NMC-NMWA, New Mexico State Committee National Museum of Women In The Arts as of May 8, 2020 (NEW MEXICO WOMEN IN THE ARTS)


scroll down to Artist Registry and click VISIT THE ARTISTS PAGES (alphabetical). I'm proud to be included with other New Mexico women artists.

ALSO, I just joined BELEN ART LEAGUE in BELEN, New Mexico, 509 Becker Street, 87002. I have three paintings available there.

Everyone is fortunate enough to be able to order art supplies ONLINE with DICK BLICK art supplies ( or 1-800-723-2787)... FAMILY-OWNED SINCE 1911.....delivered to your door. . .

PS I can not afford to pay those stupid ONLINE REPUTATION PROTECTOR services, so if you read online that I have a nasty criminal record or I'm a drug addict, they are lies and I can sue them for slander.

Thank you for visiting my website.